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Decking Services

Decking Services

Are you looking to create the unique and beautiful outdoor space for your family? Build the deck you deserve.

What You Can Expect from Wyomissing For Your Deck Project?

  • High-Quality Amish Construction

    • Our deck building crew has had years of experience working in the Wyomissing area. Our crews are mostly Amish staffed to build the highest quality decks for you.

  • Clean & Respectful Work Crews

    • Don’t be worried about who is coming to your home. Our crews always clean and respectful and treat your home like it was their own.
  • Our Mission to Stay On Time & On Budget

    • Our mission is to deliver the deck of your dreams within the time and budget that we quote from the very beginning.
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  • Water Resistant

    Don’t be concerned about liquids eroding and damaging your deck over time. The Vekadeck deck boards are built out of recycled PVC which means they do not absorb moisture. The makes them perfect for high moisture situations like pool decks.

  • Splinter Free

    Don’t be afraid of you or your family walking on your deck with bare feet and enjoying the sun on your toes. The PVC boards will never splinter, peel, or flake.

  • Slip Resistant

    The embossed woodgrain of the PVC deck board is not just to add that high-quality look. It also means traction that keeps you and your family from slipping.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    The Vekadeck PVC boards are made from recycled plastics. Meaning no added plastics added to waste, and no trees required to build your custom deck. They’re also UV resistant which means they require no chemical treatment so they’re safe for your children to play on.

  • Low Maintenance

    Enjoy having a carefree deck that requires almost no maintenance. Don’t waste time on sanding, repainting, and restaining your deck.

  • What Is PVC Decking?

    PVC deck boarding is the perfect way to bring a beautiful deck to your home with minimal maintenance and a superior lifespan. Wyomissing Structures is proud to use Vekadeck brand products to build the right custom decking for you.

    Vekadecking is engineered boards that uses PVC to make their products the ideal choice for homeowners, architects, and builders for their ability to provide high-quality decks with minimal maintenance.

VEKAdeck PVC Decking

VEKAdeck® is the perfect way to add value and beauty to any home. VEKAdeck is a cellular processed PVC deck board designed to be one of the best performing boards available, making it ideal for homeowners, architects and builders who are seeking attractive, high-performance, ultra low-maintenance deck product.

  • VEKAdeck is an engineered deck board that meets or exceeds ASTM standards for impact and puncture resistance, provides excellent traction when wet or dry and is thermally reflective to keep you cool under foot. VEKAdeck and matching fascia board ships inseveral attractive colorsto satisfy most applications.

    • Resists Fading: Looks beautiful season after season without costly maintenance.
    • Insect Resistant: 100% PVC deck board blend is impervious to insects.
    • Splinter-Free: PVC deck compound will not splinter, flake or peel.
    • Dimensionally Stable: Patented formulation expands and contracts less than 0.05% allowing for end to end butt joints.
    • Slip Resistant Surface: Attractive embossed wood grain anti-skid surface is slip resistant when wet or dry.
    • Fire Resistant: PVC has a high self-ignition temperature (over 600F), a slow burn rate, and will self extinguish if flame is removed.
    • Water Resistant: VEKAdeck will not absorb moisture, making it ideal for high humidity and marine environments such as boat docks and pools where it truly outperforms composite and wood materials.
    • Low-Maintenance: Never needs painting or sealing.
    • Easy To Install: Works as easily as traditional lumber using basic hand and power tools.
    • Easily Fastened: Easily accepts nails, deck screws or hidden fasteners.
    • Light Weight: Cellular extrusion process yields low specific gravity making VEKAdeck lighter than wood and composite materials.
    • Easy To Clean: Impervious to the most common environmental contaminates and cleans with mild soap and water.
    • Environmentally Friendly: PVC is a recyclable material and saves our precious forest resources from being depleted. Because VEKAdeck is UV and water resistant, chemical treatments are not necessary. Safe for kids to play on.
  • Our Excellent Aluminum Railings

    Do you maintain a balcony, a deck, a porch, or an elevated patio? Adding well-constructed aluminum railing systems can enhance your household’s enjoyment of these locations! Convenient railings around outdoor recreational areas and staircases sometimes help prevent accidental slips and falls. Additionally, these fixtures may contribute significantly to the aesthetic charm of a residence.

    Use a stylish aluminum deck railing or aluminum porch railing to modernize an older residence in a trendy, contemporary way. Or place a decorative glass railing system with aluminum railing support columns along interior lobby entrance staircases. This will draw more attention to gradually rising steps in indoor areas. You’ll enhance the visibility and utility of these structures in a very visually appealing, pleasing way!

  • Vinyl Handrails with Distinct Benefits

    Vinyl deck railing and vinyl porch railing systems offer some distinct benefits. Just consider a few of the most important advantages:

    • These prefabricated railing systems install quickly, requiring few tools or specialized construction skills
    • People appreciate the attractive appearance of these products
    • Many vinyl railing systems complement existing exterior residential trim design schemes
    • Homeowners value the long lasting durability of these materials
    • Suitable for many types of decks, porches, steps and patios in a wide variety of structures, including mobile homes, apartments, condos, duplexes, single family houses and vacation properties
    • Minimal maintenance permits these outdoor railing systems to remain clean during every season of the year
    • These products won’t require painting or the application of sealants to maintain their bright, fresh colors
    • Choose from a great customized selection of attractive dimensions and styles

    Have you searched for a way to boost the “curb appeal” of an aging mobile home, condo, or house? These products also help reinvigorate some types of heavily worn decks. Breathe new life into dated residential properties by replacing rickety or outdated rails with one of our easily maintained systems. If the rest of your deck remains in functional condition, you’ll typically save money by installing our products instead of constructing an entirely new replacement. Yet when your family members and friends admire the new appearance of the deck, they might mistakenly assume you spent a small fortune renovating this part of the home.